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Interpipe serves the energy industry, including upstream, midstream and downstream sectors, as well as the renewable energy and power generation sectors. We offer total supply chain management from conceptual planning to procurement to financing and logistics for onshore and offshore projects.

Interpipe specializes in supplying high spec, large diameter steel pipes to the energy industry worldwide. We are dedicated to ensuring our products meet the business needs of our customers.

Our suppliers and partners are leading manufacturers in their industries. They meet the strictest industry standards, and the toughest client specifications.

Sour Service Products

Industry leading technology for corrosive applications.
  • Custom specification / grades
  • CRA roll bonded clad pipe
  • Metallurgical bonded (HRB) clad pipe
  • Mechanically lined (MLP) clad pipe
  • Annex H / NACE Region 3 carbon steel with HIC and SSC testing
  • Stainless steel alloys
  • High nickel alloys
  • Clad plates produced by hot roll bonding or explosion bonding

Upstream Products

Custom grades and specs including large diameter pipe and casing.
  • Custom specification / grades
  • J55 large diameter (16” – 20”) casing
  • Large diameter (22” – 42”) conductor casing
  • Drill pipe

Offshore Products

Structural components for platforms and comprehensive pipeline, riser, flowlines, structural steel solutions.
  • Custom specification / grades
  • Structural components for platforms
  • High fatigue / strain-based design
  • Export Pipelines, Risers, and Flowlines
    • Strain based design, heavy wall, collapse resistance
    • CRA clad
  • Buckle Arrestors and Stress Joints
    • Manufactured from DSAW pipe with full body machining
    • Competitive solutions to forgings
  • Drilling Riser Main Tube
    • X80 to X100
    • Industry leading tolerances
  • Conductor and High Pressure Casing
    • High fatigue, high collapse 
    • Pre-machined ends for threading
  • Induction Bends
    • Motherpipe to exact chemistries for high collapse and pressure performance
  • Structural Steel for Jackets and Platforms
    • API 2H, 2W and EN grades 
    • Quick deliveries, profiling
    • Prefab and full length piles

Downstream Products

High spec, large diameter steel pipes for refineries, LNG and power sectors.
  • Custom specification / grades
  • Large diameter high spec product
  • Refineries:
    • A671/A672 all grades and classes delivered in small lots 
    • Just in time deliveries
  • LNG:
    • 9% and 36% nickel pipe for pump columns and ex/import lines
  • Power:
    • Welded A691 chrome alloy as a proven alternative to seamless
  • Boilers and Heat Exchangers
    • Tubing, tube sheets, vessels and heads
    • Seamless and welded tubing

Midstream Products

Customized steel solutions including, line pipe, slug catchers, induction bends and MIF connections.
  • Custom specification / grades
  • Line Pipe
    • API 5L X70, FBE, ARO, 3LPE coatings
  • Slug Catchers
    • Small lot production to line pipe spec
    • Exact lengths and piece count. 
    • Paint systems.
  • Induction Bends
    • Motherpipe to exact chemistries to enable one time qualification tests
  • MIF Connections
    • Fast, reliable, proven alternative to girth welding
    • 10x time savings in the field

Green Energy Products

Innovative structural products to support geothermal, hydrogen, wind and green energy operations.
  • Windfarm structural components
  • Hydrogen pipeline components
  • Geothermal pipeline and casing products

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