About Us

Your Global Partner

More than 40 years of experience

Interpipe, Inc., is a global organization specializing in the supply of steel products to the energy industry. Established in 1976 in Houston, Texas, Interpipe has been servicing energy clients worldwide for over 40 years.

Interpipe provides Total Supply Chain Management: conceptual planning, procurement, financing, and logistics.

Interpipe's Mission

Interpipe, Inc., is committed to providing quality steel pipe and products to international standards.

We are dedicated to providing consistent, reliable service that meets customer demand within required timeframes. Customer satisfaction is our highest priority.

Interpipe Advantages

With Interpipe offices and international partners located in the USA, Mexico, Brazil, Germany, and South Korea, we are perfectly positioned to fulfill your pipe and steel needs.
Interpipe sets itself apart from other international steel trading companies by offering comprehensive advantages. Among the many reasons clients choose Interpipe as their steel pipe supplier are:
  • Exclusive sources not available to other steel pipe suppliers.
  • Established in foreign markets for multiple decades.
  • Total supply chain management: conceptual planning, procurement, financing, and logistics.
  • A high level of financing capabilities.
  • Specialized in non-commodity grades for use in high temp, cryogenic, and corrosive applications.
  • Lean vertical structure allowing for quick and efficient decision making.
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